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The First Cashier-Free Food Shop in Canada Arrives

In the arrivals section of the Halifax Stanfield International Airport you’ll find Canada’s first unmanned, honest food vendor. Mabata-Glocal Eatery, a farm to table restaurant in Bedford, NS Canada is spearheading the operation.

The venture launched on July 10th and is backed by an Incubator called The Runway, a Saint Mary’s University Entrepreneurship Centre program. It’s a relatively new concept, but not the first time its been done world-wide. Robert Ilijason in Viken, Sweeden opened up the first cashier-less convenience store in 2016 called Tan Market.

The idea here is the business trusts the customer to pick up their snack or drink with no one watching and pay via credit/debit cards, cash and mobile payments without the need for an employee.

It’s a smart move for the business location. Not only are Atlantic Canadians ranked the highest in the honesty category in Canada, according to research studies, but the shop is in an Airport! One of the highest security places you could find. There’s no dining and dashing here.

Founders Najib Faris and Francesco Stara, who own Mabata restaurant, are recent immigrants that moved to Nova Scotia and say that the shop is there to promote Nova Scotia’s locally grown products. It’s already receiving positive feedback above their expectations.

The airport shop will operate 24/7 during the summer of 2019 with remote support to assist any customers that can’t figure out how to pay for their meal.

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