How to Grill Salmon on the BBQ

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Nothing beats a properly cooked, barbecued salmon! The secret to cooking a salmon is of course preparation, timing and heat. I prefer to use wild, fresh salmon fillets with the skin on, because the skin helps to keep the salmon together and adds that extra flavour. However if all you have is skinless fillets then I would suggest placing them on top of some lightly oiled tinfoil so it doesn’t fall apart into your grill, and the oil helps prevent it from sticking to it.

In short you want to grill the skinless side first for a few minutes to get those grill marks, then flip it over and cook for another 5-7 minutes depending on the thickness of your fillet.

Top Cuts vs Fillets

Top Cuts (or salmon steaks) are bone-in and generally have more flavour, but flavour of course depends on freshness and time of year it’s caught. So if you don’t mind the bones, go for top cuts!

How can you tell if my salmon is cooked?

Salmon will change from red/raw (translucent) to pink (opaque) as it cooks.
A typical fillet will be ready after 7-8 minutes but this depends on the thickness and heat level. If it begins to flake with a knife and still has some translucency then it’s done. Additionally, after practice you can just use a fork to press the top for firmness. The more firm the more doneness!

Check out the directions and recipe here:

How to Grill Salmon on the BBQBy Shane

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