Tim Hortons adds a Jolly Rancher slushy to its summer menu

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jolly rancher tim hortons slushie
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Get ’em while they’re cold!

As a kid I vividly remember sucking on those sour, tangy, square-shaped Jolly Rancher hard candies until they disappeared in my mouth. I didn’t care what was in them because they tasted so good!

Founded by Bill Harmsen in 1949, the Jolly Rancher Company started making hard candies, which sold all year round, because he found that ice cream was a hard sell in the cold winter months. Ironically, Jolly Ranchers are now in a cold drink! Now Jolly Ranchers are owned by the Hershey Company.

Now for a limited time, Tim Hortons is offering a “sweet, tangy and full of bold fruit flavour” Jolly Rancher slushy for its summer 2019 lineup in Canada. Tim Hortons claims there are pieces of green apple, blue raspberry and cherry Jolly Ranchers inside!

You can also check out their blue raspberry and cherry Jolly Rancher slushies too with a cost of $2.99 for a medium which is a little more than a standard slushy at $2.19 for a medium. 

Here’s a hands-on review of the Jolly Rancher Slushy experience from Vee Vlogs

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