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desert crepe
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There’s so much beautiful food on Instagram, how could I not share my top-5 favourites with you all. In this new series I’d love to share food shots of any kind from foodies all over the world with you. So without further ado, here are my top-5 insta-favorite eye-candy recipes from Instagram today!

Would you just look at this delicious fruit and spread-covered toast! makes toast look so pretty!

Ingredients: Coco cream, raspberries and chocolate, golden hummus, roasted spiced chickpeas and avocado, and peanut butter and blueberries. 

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Risotto pumpkin au artichoke

Three things that go really well together and look super nice, too! Ros loves to cook and take shots of his yummy food.

Ingredients: Risotto, artichoke and pumpkin.

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green curry, coconut milk, tropical fruits, peanut, chile

@Soflafoodie captured this beautiful shot of Oceano Kitchen’s Green Curry dish in Lantana. I just love the peanuts on top!

Ingredients: Green curry, coconut milk, tropical fruits, peanut, chile

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desert crepe

Pretty sure it’s safe to say @Amy.Schmid enjoyed this beautiful desert crepe from La Lorientaise Crêperie in Croydon, Australia. @lalorientaisecreperie

Ingredients: Icecream, strawberry, crepe…

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waffle egg burgers

Thanks, Sam! I love egg sandwiches but never tried them with waffles. This looks amazing and is on my list for things to eat this week!

Ingredients: egg-based waffles, bacon, eggs, cheese, red onion, lettuce, avocado, tomato

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If you want your foodie shot on our list, @ us on instagram and just make sure you mention where it’s from. If we have the incorrect source, just send us a DM. A photo of decent quality helps too!

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